Tuesday, January 24, 2017


So who are some of your favorite authors who have written recent books?  Find these titles at the Monrovia Public Library. 

The Wrong Side of Goodby by Michael Connelly
The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer
LaRose by Louise Erdrich

Former LA Times crime reporter Michael Connelly, who has sold 60 million books, returns with a mystery called The Wrong Side of Goodbye, part of the Harry Bosch series. Our dogged LAPD detective, never one to follow orders or suffer fools, is now retired and working as a private investigator and a reserve officer. Following two cases, one involving a billionaire’s lost heir and one a rapist, Harry solves both with his usual dogged pursuit of clues. As always, this is an engaging mystery with a main character who continues to fascinate. Angelino natives will get a kick out of Harry’s endless knowledge of local terrain, freeway shortcuts and eateries.

Louise Erdrich, whose stories frequently are set on the land of the Native American Objiwe tribe, has a new novel is about a man who while hunting accidentally kills the son of his best friend. After reflection and adhering to tribal truths, the man and his wife give their own son, named LaRose, to the family of the dead boy. Tracing the history of the birth family’s ancestral name, the book then shares how the act of generosity becomes a salve for pain. Ms. Erdrich is a master storyteller and this new novel LaRose is compelling and thought-provoking.

Many readers might quizzically react to Stephanie Meyer’s new novel The Chemist as it is nowhere near the vampire theme of her Twilight series. But, this espionage story about a former government employee on the run from those who seek to harm her has all the elements of her original books—great characterization and action that keeps the pages turning. This thriller will have special appeal to those who like a strong, brainy female who doesn’t take a back seat to anyone.

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