Monday, December 12, 2016


In 1963 Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, borrowed $50 from his father to start a company that imported inexpensive running shoes from Japan. And the rest, says the cliché, is history. In Shoe Dog Knight tells the story of the start-up, long before that phrase came into being, that became a billion-dollar company. This highly readable memoir, peppered with stories of setbacks and successes, will have lots of appeal to both budding entrepreneurs and to readers who enjoy autobiographies.

Are shoes and/or fashion history your thing? How about some nicely illustrated histories also on the shelves of the Monrovia Public Library?  Shoes: A Celebration of Pumps, Sandals, Slippers and More by Linda O’Keefe is a delicious compendium of shoe history, from antiquity to modern times, and includes information on various types of footwear, shoe designers, and quotes from celebrity shoe lovers. Glorious color photos accompany this terrifically seductive work. Don’t look for comfort in Mary Trasko’s Heavenly Soles: Twentieth Century Shoes, which is all about the high fashion shoes coveted by fashionistas and proclaimed as sculpture.

What is it about the shoe that attracts so many? The Sex Life of the Foot and Shoe by William Rossi is a classic book on the social history of how feet and shoes have been viewed through history. The chapter on foot binding is as fascinating as it is disturbing and the search by many for comfortable shoes for tired toes will have many readers nodding in sympathy.

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