Monday, October 31, 2016


Fans of espionage author Daniel Silva will not be surprised that his favorite books are George Orwell’s 1984 and Graham Greene’s The Quiet American, two books that delve into both spying and the human condition. Silva is the bestselling novelist whose Gabriel Allon series delights readers who love thrillers. And, with 16 titles about the Israeli art restorer and secret agent, Silva is an author for those who enjoy following the same character through multiple books.

Michigan-born and California-educated, Daniel Silva began his professional life as a journalist, working in the U.S. and then abroad. He also worked as a producer at CNN, but was thinking about writing. His first novel, the stand-alone The Unlikely Spy, set during World War II, was published in 1996 and encouraged him to leave journalism and devote himself full time to fiction. In 2000 he debuted his first Gabriel Allon novel The Kill Artist set in the Middle East, about a cat-and-mouse game between spy and terrorist.  

Ever the journalist, the author shows his penchant for researching the storylines for his books, and in a recent New York Times interview he mentions how he reads many non-fiction books for this purpose. The Monrovia Public Library owns almost every Silva title and they are available in a variety of formats—regular print, large print and e-book.

His most recent novel, released in 2016, is The Black Widow, a page-turner with a multi-country setting and a plot right out of modern headlines. Here our spy Allon must track down an international terrorist who has set off a bomb in Paris. New Silva readers might enjoy reading the titles in chronological order.

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