Friday, August 5, 2016


So what does a professor of anthropology, a scientist in the specialized field of forensics, and the author of academic papers do when not working in her profession? Kathy Reichs, who participated in the study of grave sites in Rwanda and Guatemala and in identifying the remains of those who died at the World Trade Center, is a novelist with a long string of popular books. These mysteries can be found in print and e-book formats at the Monrovia Public Library.

This Ph.D. now splits her time between North Carolina and Quebec, and wrote her debut mystery Deja Dead in 1997. Working with the Montreal coroner’s office, forensics expert Temperance “Tempe” Brennan speculates that a recent murder bears a striking resemblance to a body found elsewhere. When the police dismiss her ideas, she sets out on her own to find a possible serial killer. If this all sounds very familiar, that is because Reichs' novel has been adapted into the popular TV series Bones, which is also Temperance Brennan's nickname on the show.

Kathy Reichs admits that she shares many traits with Tempe and has used experiences from her own life to create storylines. There are 18 mysteries in the Tempe Brennan series, so readers who enjoy returning to a favorite author will need to check these out. Series titles include Dead du Jour, Fatal Voyage, Grave Secrets and the most recent, Speaking in Bones.

Teens and YA readers who love science and whodunits will enjoy the Viral series by Ms. Reichs. The main character is Tempe’s niece Tory who, along with a group of friends, solves mysteries. Titles include Code, Exposure and Terminal. Look for strong female characters and tech-oriented plots in these Young Adult titles.

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