Monday, July 18, 2016


In summertime, a reader’s fancy frequently turns to novels that are page-turners which can be read on the beach, in an airplane, on the backyard chaise lounge, or maybe just on the living room couch. Here are some of the newest fiction titles at the Monrovia Public Library to add to your summer reading lists.

The Girls by Emma Cline has received kudos from reviewers. This debut novel is about teenage Evie who thinks she is escaping a mundane life by befriending a group of girls, but becomes part of a cult similar to the Manson family. Readers can guess where the book is headed—murder and mayhem—but the book is extremely compelling. Evie’s unquestioning obedience to the cult’s leader is just one of the topics that readers will mull in their minds long after the book is closed.

You will not be able to avoid thinking about Alex Haley’s Roots when you pick up Yaa Gyasi’s Homegoing. Two 18th century half-sisters from Ghana are separated and about to live startlingly different lives, one as the wife of an Englishman and the other as a slave. Their stories span 250 years and generations of descendants who live the African and African-American experience. This is a book for those who love multi-character sagas.

What happens to a group of college friends when they reunite years later as neighbors in the hot spot of Brooklyn? Emma Straub answers this question with the witty and biting Modern Lovers, told from different perspectives about young folks who have become trendy middle-agers with children of their own. Relationships take front and center in this rich portrait of modern life.

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