Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Have you ever brought home a jar of preserves from the farmers market, smacked your lips and wondered if you could make your own? Think no further. The Monrovia Public Library has some terrific books on how to turn luscious fruits and vegetables into tasty treats that will last all year.

Jams or jellies? Marmalade or conserves? If you want to get started, Judy Kingry’s The Complete Book of Home Preserving is a great do-it-yourself guide to preserving and canning fresh foods. Step-by-step instructions, definitions of the various types of preserves, notes on how to ensure food safety, many recipes and color photos make this a terrific resource.

Lots of tips and color photos make Foolproof Preserving by the Editors at America’s Test Kitchen a great book, particularly for the novice. This is also a good book for cooks who want to make small batches. 

Perfect Preserves by Nora Carey not only provides sweet and savory recipes, but also is a good place to review the equipment and techniques you will need to cook and can your ingredients.
A Passion for Preserves: Jams, Jellies, Marmalades, Conserves by Frederica Langeland is for the more advanced cook and includes recipes where the contents are measured by the weight instead of by cups. It also offers an alternative route to the water bathing that is the typical technique to sealing jars. 

Finally, Preserved by Nick Sandler takes home cooks into the world of canning and beyond to other forms of conserving fresh foods, including drying, pickling, candying and salting.

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