Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her 90th birthday!  Born in 1926 and crowned in 1953, her majesty has reigned longer than any other English monarch. Known for her unflappable British ways, her love of corgis and her desire to stay up-to-date, she tweeted thank yous for the many birthday wishes she received. Her official celebration will last months and includes a party at Windsor Castle, a street party and a national day of service. And, what can you do to join in? How about reading one of the Monrovia Public Library’s several books on Queen Elizabeth and her family.
Elizabeth the Queen: the Life of a Modern Monarch received critical kudos for its research and readability. Author Sally Bedell Smith’s biography is both grand and intimate and manages to chronicle Elizabeth’s historical role and her personal life. Ben Pimlott’s The Queen: A Biography of Queen Elizabeth II concentrates on the history of Elizabeth as queen and how the monarchy changed under her reign. For a fascinating look at how the Queen lives and works read Her Majesty: The Court of Queen Elizabeth II by Robert Hardman.  The tasks of the monarchy and its day-to-day business are described and the jobs of some of the more than 1,000 employees are described.

Fans of the royal family can read more about the Queen’s family.  Born to be King: Prince Charles on Planet Windsor by Catherine Mayer is about the first born son. Daughter-in-law Princess Diana may be remembered as the most intriguing of the family.  Diana Portrait of a Princess by Jayne Fincher is a picture book that will remind all just how attractive she was. Charles’ marriage to the popular and late Princess Diana resulted in 2 children, the proverbial heir and a spare. Prince William: the Man who will be King and Prince Harry: Brother, Soldier, Son are both by Penny Junor. And, William’s popular wife, mother of Queen Elizabeth’s 2 great grandchildren, is described in Kate: the Future Queen by Katie Nicholl. 

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