Saturday, April 9, 2016


If you have channel surfed lately you cannot have missed all the television programs about tiny houses—those 3, 4 and 500 square foot homes that not only encourage simplifying your life, but also downsizing your stuff. One local trend that pairs with the tiny house movement, is the construction of smaller apartments which call for a more compact lifestyle. The Monrovia Public Library is on track and on trend with lots of books about how to build and live in little spaces.
Devoted to the idea that scaling back is the sustainable way to go, Tiny Homes by Lloyd Kahn shows 1,300 small homemade houses of different types—on wheels, in trees, and made from kits. Readers looking for inspiration will be thrilled with this book. Architect Sarah Susanka has been a leading voice in promoting smaller domains that emphasize comfort and design over size. Her groundbreaking book is The Not So Big House

Decorating is always an issue if you live in a small home or if you have some little rooms you want to look more spacious. Making the Most of Small Spaces by Anoop Parikh and Living Big in Small Apartments by James Trulove include information on selecting furniture that has multiple uses, storage solutions, color choices and how to use mirrors to make life look larger. If you like over-the-top decorations read Conran’s Living in Small Spaces which shows how to have a plush environments without lots of square footage.
Maybe you like the design aspects of period architecture or you are thinking about sprucing up your old house. Prefab houses are in these days, but did you know that you could once order low cost houses from catalogs?  Small Houses of the Twenties is a reproduction of a 1926 Sears Roebuck house catalog. Small House Catalog, a reproduction of Bennett’s Small House Catalog, is another book that will thrill those working on the restoration of their own homes


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