Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Anyone who lives in Southern California knows that earthquakes, wildfires, wind storms and now El Niño are catastrophes that might befall us. Television shows, newspapers, government websites and handouts at community events are full of tips about how to get ready for a disaster.  Also look to the Monrovia Public Library for some new and very useful books on disaster preparedness. Here is a sampling.

The Practical Prepper’s Complete Guide to Disaster Preparedness by Scott Hunt is a good overview of how to get ready for an emergency and includes information on shelter, food and water and alternate energy sources.

Emergency Food Storage and Survival Handbook is a basic guide to disaster preparedness but focuses on food. Author Peggy Layton follows the motto to “use what you store and store what you use.” This book will help plan a 3 month supply of food, hygiene and pharmacy items. 

In Daisy Luther’s The Prepper’s Water Survival Guide: Harvest, Treat and Store Your Most Vital Resource readers are shown not only how to store, but also to collect and purify water.
What about when you have to evacuate your home because of a disaster? Read Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag, a do-it-yourself guide to putting together a kit that will keep you fed, clean, clothed and sheltered for the short period.  Outdoors? Use The SAS Survival Guide, which emphasizes skills to use in a natural environment.

And what’s the best book to keep in your disaster kit when you need some diversion? The humorous, but very informative The Worst Case Scenario Handbook by Joshua Piven explains how to get out of quick sand, leap from a moving car, jump into a dumpster and other unlikely, but possible emergencies.

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