Friday, January 8, 2016


El Niño, the much-discussed fluctuation in temperature between the water and the atmosphere in the Pacific Ocean that results in warmer and wetter conditions, is here. What are you doing to get ready for the torrential rains El Niño will bring?

The City of Monrovia is presenting El Niño Community Meetings to help local residents and businesses prepare for its effects, on Thursday, January 21 at 6pm in the Monrovia Public Library Community Meeting Room.  Look to the following website for more information, including a checklist for preparing your property for all the rain.

Another great site to help you get ready is a recent article in the Los Angeles Times, which not only discusses how to get your home, but also your car, ready for El Niño.

Look to the Monrovia Public Library for some books that might be helpful in preparing for El Niño and its consequence. Extreme Weather: A Guide to Surviving Flash Floods, Hurricanes…and Other Natural Disasters by Bonnie Schneider includes information on dealing with thunderstorms and mudslides. In The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes and Why?, author Amanda Ripley details real disasters and talks to brain scientists to explain how people confront emergency situations. This will give readers food for thought about how they might react in emergencies. 

Driving Techniques for the Professional and Non-Professional by Anthony Scotti will help readers learn to drive in rain and The Complete Guide to Home Roofing Installation and Maintenance by John Chiles will help with inspecting and repairing roofs.

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