Tuesday, January 19, 2016


As a novelist Jodi Picoult has an enviable reputation. A favorite author of readers (who have been called the Pi-Cult), her books top the bestseller lists and her themes often reflect hot topics in the news. Her career trajectory has been really interesting. She began writing as a child, has a degree from Princeton in creative writing but on graduation could only find a job on Wall Street, her first novel was rejected by many publishers and she once wrote for DC Comics Wonder Woman. 

A serious author in love with the writing process, she once said to prospective writers, “If you write because you want to be rich, you are in the wrong business.” And living up to these words, it wasn’t until her 10th novel My Sister’s Keeper, about a young woman who was conceived as a bone marrow match for an ill sibling, that she became a bestselling author. The Monrovia Public Library owns 32 Jodi Picoult books in all formats—regular print, Large Print and on CD and DVD.

Some of Picoult’s books share characters, such as The Pact, about teen suicide, Salem Falls, about false accusations at a prep school and Nineteen Minutes, about a school shooting. In addition to writing straight fiction, Picoult writes mysteries. In Leaving Time a teenager searches for her mother who disappeared. Full of suspense and some twists, this is a page-turning and satisfying book. 

Readers love Picoult’s character development, fast-paced plots and compelling and sympathetic storylines. Although some call her writing chick lit, she sees her work as popular fiction that has special appeal to those who love a good read.

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