Thursday, December 3, 2015


How does an author who writes books about one character keep coming up with titles that keep readers interested, happy and asking for more? That author is Lee Child, who writes the thrilling Jack Reacher series. A Brit whose real name is Jim Grant, he apparently chose the nom de plume Child because it could be found on the book shelves between illustrious authors Raymond Chandler and Agatha Christie.

According to a recent New York Times interview Child has written 20 Jack Reacher titles in 20 years and starts each book in September and finishes it the following spring. The character Jack Reacher is a former military police officer who wanders throughout the United States with a toothbrush, an ATM card and a passport, taking odd jobs and always finding adventure and troubles to solve. Those who love reading past bedtime and like their novels to be heart-thumping wild rides will love Lee Child.
The Monrovia Public Library owns all 20 of Child’s books in print and some of them on CD. Do you have to read them in order?  All the books are stand alone, but since readers often like to read them in order here is a website that lists both the dates the books were published and the chronological order of the titles.

 The newest Lee Child novel is Make Me. All Jack Reacher wants to know is why the place where he finds himself, the tiny town of Mother’s Rest, has that name. What he finds out causes him to race across the country all the while battling killers and evildoers.

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