Thursday, November 19, 2015


It is interesting to note that versatile writer Karen Joy Fowler is at home writing literary fiction as well as fantasy and science fiction. Her books find inspiration from real life and classic literature and are beautifully written. Find Karen Joy Fowler books at the Monrovia Public Library. 

Fowler shows off her ability to observe human behavior, in all its heartfelt and often absurd reality, in her in fifth, and best known novel, The Jane Austen Book Club. This story, about 5 women and 1 man who meet once a month to discuss the novels of the classic author, captures not only an activity that has become important in the lives of women, but also how each person in the group responds to Austen’s novels. Fowler also matches wit with Austen in this modern comedy of manners.

The Sweetheart Season takes place in a small Minnesota town after WWII where the young women who work at a local cereal company are encouraged by their boss to start a baseball team, in hopes that their athletic skills will attract the attention of potential husbands. Fowler mixes a bit of fantasy with historical fiction in this story about women whose dependent lives were upended by a war that brought them independence while the post-war years deposited them back to diminished dreams.

Managing to surprise readers with startling conclusions is What I Didn’t See, a collection of short stories that delve into fairy tales, fantasy, fiction and reality.  The collection includes two stories that won Nebula Awards given to best speculative fiction and other stories that reimagine history. 

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