Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Have you always wanted to write a book? Don’t think you have the talent or persistence? November is  National Write a Novel Month, a unique, inspirational and step-by-step program that encourages potential authors, like you, to start writing on November 1 and celebrate on November 30 by showing off your 50,000 word novel. Information can be found online at

Whether you are going to participate or you see yourself as more of a reader than a writer, here are some terrific new novels that will make you think about the writing process. All can be found at the Monrovia Public Library. Happy writing and happy reading.

Crooked Heart is a funny and offbeat novel by British author Lissa Evans. Set in World War II London, this is the story of an orphaned 9-year-old who uses his knowledge of Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie to cleverly assist the poor woman who takes him in. The assistance comes in the form of creating a scam that the young boy and the pretty widow can perpetrate on the unsuspecting. Crime does pay in this wonderful novel.

Going to a darker place is The Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Kroll. Fans of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train will like this story of 20-something Ani who seems to have everything:  great job; good looks and a trophy fiancé; but emotionally she is a mess. The novel unravels the source of Ani’s pain and what happened when she was in high school. The story will take readers on a shocking roller coaster ride.

The title Kitchens of the Great Midwest might make people think that it’s a cookbook. It’s not, but it is about cooking and the life of a young woman, Eva, who has a special gift to taste foods and know their ingredients.  This story takes Eva from childhood to adulthood and her place among great chefs. This is an imaginative and original coming-of-age debut novel by J. Ryan Stradal. 

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