Monday, June 1, 2015


Who doesn’t love a good show biz celebrity autobiography? Whether dishing some stories about other movie stars or talking about their journeys, trivial and spiritual, these authors can often write books that are fun and involving. There are some terrific new autobiographies by well-known actresses on the shelves at the Monrovia Public Library. 

Coming from show business royalty (the daughter of the famous ventriloquist Edgar Bergen) Candice Bergen went from model, to film ingénue to the star of the Emmy-winning Murphy Brown show. Her new book A Fine Romance is a very intimate look at her late-in-life marriage to French director Louis Malle and his premature death, the birth of her daughter and her current life as an older actress who still gets juicy roles. It tells you much about what sparks attention because many of the reviews of this often humorous book talk about Ms. Bergen’s nonchalant acceptance of gaining weight later in life.

Another actress considered Hollywood royalty is Angelica Houston, the daughter of director John Houston. Readers of her new book Watch Me: A Memoir called her a superb storyteller who candidly describes the ups and downs of a life that began in Ireland and led to some terrible acting roles and then to winning an Academy Award. Surviving some well-publicized celebrity romances, she also describes a wonderful marriage with artist Robert Graham, who like Candice Bergen’s husband, died unexpectedly.
The facts of Sophia Loren’s life have been pretty well documented. A poverty-stricken young woman who barely survived World War II Italy, she was discovered in a beauty pageant and then began an acting career that led to enormous worldwide recognition. In Yesterday, Tomorrow, My Life Ms. Loren’s tells her own story full of personal anecdotes and how a happy family life always trumped being a celebrity.

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