Saturday, June 27, 2015


A recent New York Times article said that Judy Blume gets 1,000 fan letters every month. Anyone who grew up reading Ms. Blume’s children’s and teen books wouldn’t be surprised, as the author’s sensitive works managed to capture our own personal feelings and have a special place in our hearts. Freckle Juice, Blubber, Are You There God?  It’s Me Margaret and Forever are fresh in our memories and current day youngsters still read them. 

Not as famous are Judy Blume’s adult novels, which were nevertheless bestsellers and all are in in the Monrovia Public Library collection. The titles are Wifey, about a woman who yearns for an identity that is more than that of a housewife, Smart Women, about how families handle divorce and Summer Sisters, about the fragility and pain of broken friendship.
Blume’s newest, just out this month, is In the Unlikely Event, is based on her own childhood memory about 3 plane crashes that take place in small town 1950s New Jersey. After doing research about the facts of the disasters, she wrote a story with fictional characters and relationships. Blume’s ability to mix difficult situations with heartwarming personalities and intimate feelings is a hallmark of her work and make this new novel just as captivating and compassionate as her others. The book also sparkles with details of midcentury life, including the politics, the celebrities and even the interior design. 
The book is simply a gift for those who have been waiting for a new Judy Blume adult title. And, for those who have never read one, this is the one to get.

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