Monday, April 6, 2015


It is always so interesting to hear how successful writers got their start. Mystery and romance star author Janet Evanovich was a housewife and a secretary who took writing classes, signed up for improv workshops to hone her dialog writing skills and finally sold her first book—a romance. From there she moved to the light mysteries and novels for which her devoted readers wait. Writing is not just Ms. Evanovich’s vocation, it's the family business that her husband and children help manage.
An early book called One for the Money about a bounty hunter named Stephanie Plum would be the beginning of the author’s incredible career writing bestsellers. Evanovich has put lots of her own background into the character of Ms. Plum, including the fact that both own a hamster, both grew up in New Jersey and both have a wonderful sense of humor. There are now 21 Plum novels, all with numbers in the titles. Two for the Dough, Hard Eight, Lean Mean Thirteen and the latest, Top Secret Twenty-One are among the many Evanovich titles at the Monrovia Public Library. Several of her titles can also be found in the Large Type and CD sections. 

A prolific writer, Evanovich has written other popular series with different characters. Some of the series were written in collaboration with other writers. The Full series, including Full Scoop and Full Blast were written with Charlotte Hughes. They are whirlwind stories about a newspaper owner and a millionaire who share adventures.  

 Another Evanovich character is Alexandra Barnaby, an auto mechanic who stars in the Metro Girl series. The Wicked series has other world storylines and is set in Salem, Massachusetts. Some of the titles are Wicked Business and Wicked Appetite.

Ms. Evanovich’s lively sense of humor was on display in a recent New York Times interview.  In her little spare time she likes to read cook books, mysteries and regency romances. It is no surprise that her favorite literary heroine is Nancy Drew.  

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