Monday, April 20, 2015


Large Print books are a life saver to those readers who need and enjoy them, either because of vision issues or because they simply enjoy reading bigger and darker word fonts. The first large print books appeared in England in 1964 and were created by a book distributor named Frederick Thorp who wanted to help his elderly clients who had low vision. Soon after public libraries began to collect Large Print books, which were an immediate hit with patrons. The Monrovia Public Library has a substantial collection of these easier-on-the-eyes books. Fiction, non-fiction, classics and new bestsellers are available for check out. 

One popular author, Carla Neggers, can only be found on Monrovia’s Large Print shelves. Ms. Neggers, a Massachusetts native who began writing as a small child, is known for her romantic suspense novels whose characters are engaging.  She is a bestselling author whose books have been translated into 24 languages. Why can her books only be found on the Large Print shelves?  It's because her books are paperback originals and are not printed in hardback, so  one publisher specifically generates Large Print versions of Ms. Naggers’ titles.

Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan are two FBI agents who investigate crimes in the Sharp and Donovan series by Ms. Neggers. This granddaughter of a detective and her fiancĂ©, an undercover officer, provide the romantic sparks as a background to suspenseful storylines in such books as Harbor Island and Declan’s Cove

Ms. Neggers says that she gets her ideas from everywhere and most of her books, including the series, do not need to be read in any order. Setting is very important. Her Swift River Valley series, including That Night on Thistle Cove and Cider Brook, take place in rural New England and highlight its magnificent scenery.
If you want to get started on reading Negger novels, but don’t want to invest your time in a series right away, try some of the stand-alone novels. The Cabin and The Mist are just two titles from which to choose.

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