Thursday, March 19, 2015


The lives of the children of the presidents are always open to scrutiny by the press and the public. Stories about President Carter’s daughter Amy reading Nancy Drew books at state dinners or President Kennedy’s daughter Caroline riding her pony Macaroni at the White House always seem to amuse. There are plenty of books on the topic of these children. When it is the presidents’ children themselves who write books about their fathers, it is from a special perspective. Here are some of these books on the shelves at the Monrovia Public Library.

The newest is 41: A Portrait of My Father, which is a very special, because it was written by one president, George W. Bush, about another president, his father George H.W. Bush. This is a very affectionate memoir about a loving father and accomplished statesman. George W. does take time to talk about the roots of some of his own decisions, but the most engaging parts are about the personal aspects of Bush family life.

The most prolific writer of all the presidential children was Harry Truman’s daughter Margaret. She wrote several book about her dad, including the biography Harry S. Truman, Letters from Father and a collection of Truman’s writings called Where the Buck Stops. Margaret is also known for her popular mystery series that take place at famous Washington, D.C. venues. Some of the many titles are Murder in the White House, Murder in the Smithsonian and Murder at the Library of Congress.

 President Reagan’s son Ron wrote about the 40th president after his dad had passed and the book is called My Father at 100. Ron balances stories of his loving, but somewhat distant, dad with a look at how his father grew up, learned his values and grew in political stature.

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