Monday, February 23, 2015


Books on self-improvement, psychology and spirituality have always been popular requests at the Monrovia Public Library. The Library’s spiritual section covers not only religion, traditional and otherwise, but also books about people’s quest for meaning and enlightenment. Here are some of the newest titles.

The Future of God: A Practical Approach to Spirituality in Our Times by Deepak Chopra is a book that promotes a belief in god, particularly in the face of modern times where there are so many scientific discoveries and where life can be so difficult. Chopra denies atheism and says that disbelief is just a step on the road to belief.  He asks readers to look to their own experiences as sources of spiritual awakening.

Having conversations with God, whether through prayer or talking to oneself, is pretty common, but graphic artist David Wilkie takes it to another step with Coffee with Jesus. This collection of cartoon strips from Wilkie’s online comic features a robed Jesus talking to people, fashioned from 1950’s style clip art advertisements, about life, politics, relationships and work. This spirit-filled and fresh look at “what Jesus would do” is not a parody of religion, but a thought-provoking work.

Polls show that people are stating a greater disinterest in traditional religion or attending church on a regular basis. Author Phil Zuckerman takes a look at the sociology underlying this trend in Living the Secular Life and points out that just because people do not adhere to specific religious rules does not mean they are not driven my moral beliefs.

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