Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Let’s continue taking a look at the New York Times best fiction books of 2014. Two weeks ago the most notable 100 titles of the year were selected, and the 10 top titles were chosen from it. You can click below to see that original list

Back to our overview of the best novels selected by the New York Times Book Review editors:
Author and creative writing professor Lily King has written a totally original fiction title that is based on a true story. Euphoria is a novel about the anthropologist Margaret Mead who went to New Guinea in the 1930’s to study indigenous tribes. Renamed Nell Stone in the novel, the character arrives in the South Pacific with her second husband, only to meet the man who will be her third husband. More than a book about a romantic triangle, this is a fascinating dip into culture, philosophy and into the story of a woman who is not reluctant to let intellect outshine that of her current husband. Eurphoria will have you turning to your favorite reference resources to look up the real personalities on which this book is based.

South Asian authors from India have recently written some hugely creative and celebrated novels. Akhil Sharma focuses on characters that emigrate from India and settle in the United States. Family Life is the story of mother, father and two sons whose appreciation of life and love is stunted by a terrible accident. When the oldest son becomes brain damaged while swimming, the joy drains from the family. Heartbreaking and page-turning.

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