Thursday, November 27, 2014


Named after Edgar Allen Poe, the Edgar is the top mystery writing prize. American author Tana French won the Edgar for Best First Novel with her 2007 book In the Woods. Now a bestselling and critically admired author, she led an interesting path to becoming a mystery writer. As a child Ms. French traveled throughout the world with her economist father and she later studied acting in Ireland, eventually settling in Dublin. Her books are especially known for their rich explorations of characters. The following French titles are on the shelves of the Monrovia Public Library.

In the Woods is the story of a child murdered in the woods near Dublin. The investigating officer from the police the Murder Squad has kept secret an event that happened when he was a child and is similar to the current murder. Years earlier he was found fearfully clinging to a tree, his shoes filled with blood and his friends missing. The current crime is similar and the officer is trying to solve both murders. This police procedural is full of atmosphere.

French’s most recent novel is the 2014 The Secret Place, named after a bulletin board in a girls’ boarding school where gossipy notes are placed. An anonymous message says that the note writer knows who killed a teenage boy who was found on the grounds of the school a year ago. The mystery progresses as each character is assessed as a potential witness or criminal. The details of the case are page-turning.

The Faithful Place and The Broken Harbor are both available only in CD and MP3 format. They continue the work of the Dublin Murder Squad as it pursues criminals, following leads that twist and turn. The psychology of both the detectives and those investigated are examined in these acclaimed mysteries.

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