Friday, November 21, 2014


Have you noticed all the new travel books on the shelves at the Monrovia Public Library? Despite the usefulness of Travel Advisor, Expedia and even Wikipedia on the Internet, nothing replaces the variety of travel books that can inspire and guide our trips. So let’s jump in and take a look at some of the recent travel books on Italy, a country whose culture, history and beauty always calls to us. Tried-and-true travel books include the Fodor’s and Eyewitness series. 

Fodor’s Italy is a succinct and easy-to -use overview of the country and keys in on individual regions and cities. The accompanying map is always a plus. Eyewitness Italy is jam-packed with travel advice and has terrific color photographs, but truly excels at highlighting and recommending sightseeing and cultural experiences.
101 Places in Italy: A Private Grand Tour by Francis Russell takes travelers off the beaten path. Oh, the great cities are here, but it is the smaller villages and lesser-known spots that make this travel book special. One virtue of this book is that it is one to just sit and read. 

And, speaking of just sitting and reading, sometimes it is a fiction book that leads us to travel. The Italian Wife by Ann Hood is a multi-generational family saga that begins in Italy as the story of an Italian teenager whose arranged marriage leads her to America. Soak up the Italian ambiance that begins the story.

Ever think of not just being a traveler, but relocating to a new country? Living and Working in Italy: A Survival Handbook by Robbi Forrester-Atligan is truly a how-to book that delves into the essentials: visa paperwork, finding a job and a place to live, transportation and shopping.

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