Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Have you looked at the bestseller list this week? Number one is Ken Follett’s new book Edge of Eternity, which is book 3 in his Century Trilogy. Book 1 and 2 are Fall of Giants and Winter of the World. The Monrovia Public Library owns the entire series, as well as many other Ken Follett titles in regular and large type, in Spanish and on CD.

The Century Trilogy is an epic novel about 5 families from 5 countries who live through great events of the 20th century. Fall of Giants takes place during World War I and the Russian Revolution; Winter of the World follows the families during World War II and Edge of Eternity is set during the civil rights and Vietnam War era. These books are for readers who love a huge cast of characters and sequels.

Ken Follett was born in Wales. He was an unhappy journalist who went to work for a publisher and eventually started writing fiction because he simply needed the money. He didn't know he was going to hit the literary jackpot. His early books, like The Key to Rebecca and The Man from St. Petersburg, set the tone for his future novels as they are thrilling page turners with unlikely heroes and a hints of romance and humor.

World Without End and its sequel Pillars of the Earth take place in the 12th and 14th centuries and are about an English town that builds a huge Gothic cathedral. Both offer a view into the Middle Ages and show the incredible research that goes into Follett’s books.

Now if non-fiction is your thing, try Follett’s On Wings of Eagles about Americans being rescued during the Iranian hostage crisis. This is a favorite book for those who like real life adventure.

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