Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Do you remember being a little kid and having the National Geographic show up in the mail? Suddenly turning the pages transported you through time to other lands. The Monrovia Public Library has many exciting armchair travel books, some of them to places truly off the beaten path.

Part history and part travel story, To the Edge of the World: The Story of Trans-Siberian Express is a lively and engrossing look at the longest railroad in the world. Traversing the snows of Siberia, the construction of its tracks, in unforgiving geography, was an engineering feat. Travel writer and train expert Chris Wolmar is the author.

Another isolated part of the world is examined in Mother of God: An Extraordinary Journey to the Uncharted Territories of the Western Amazon. Always fascinated by South America, Paul Rosalie has written not only a travel book, but also a plea for the salvation of this magnificent and ecologically threatened area. If you love mysterious flora and fauna, this is the travel book for you.

Bestselling author Bruce Feiler trekked 10,000 miles in Walking the Bible: A Journey By Land Through the Five Books of Moses. Bible in hand, Feiler takes readers to the lands where Biblical events occurred, visits archeological sites and interviews people along the way. A terrific writer, he melds ancient and current history in a book that is interesting and easy to read.
Did you know that Agatha Christie’s husband was an archeologist? Come, Tell Me How You Live is a historical travelogue written by Christie in 1946. She takes readers through the area that was once Mesopotamia as her husband digs up the past. Light, easy reading for Christie mystery fans as well as for those who like casual and witty travel literature.

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