Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Arrrr. It’s almost September 19 and that means International Talk Like a Pirate Day. This special occasion was created by two friends whose silliness spread after columnist Dave Barry wrote about their celebration. 

There may not be a Read Like a Pirate Day, but how about a Read About Pirates Day. The Monrovia Public Library has buccaneer novels and non-fiction that will shiver your timbers.
Robert Lewis Stevenson wrote the still popular classic yarn Treasure Island, which introduced readers to standard pirate fare--Long John Silver with a peg leg and parrot, a map leading to buried gold and adventures on the high seas. For those who like their pirate stories a bit more contemporary there are some by popular writers. Dark Watch by Clive Cussler is about modern day pirates who threaten a shipping tycoon. Djbouti by Elmore Leonard is about a documentary movie maker who travels to the Horn of Africa to film pirates as they capture merchant ships. Leave it to Leonard to include oddball characters, including a pirate who drives a Mercedes.

And, if true stories are your thing, there are wonderful histories and biographies. The History of Pirates by Angus Konstam, The Golden Age of Piracy by Hugh Rankin and Under the Black Flag by Robert Lee collectively take you on a worldwide journey from ancient history to the twentieth century, include maps, highlight personalities and satisfy your need for high adventure. The best known buccaneer is analyzed in Blackbeard the Pirate: A Reappraisal of His Life and Times by David Cordingly. 

Avast me hearties: feel free to come into the library in pirate gear and speaking like a pirate. The librarians always appreciate a reason to smile.

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