Saturday, July 19, 2014


In the Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck called Route 66, which ran from Illinois to California, the Mother Road. In Monrovia the road ran along Foothill Boulevard and the Aztec Hotel is just one of the local sites where drivers stopped along the way. Our nostalgia for this highway can be renewed by visiting the Autry National Center. Its exhibit, Route 66: the Road and the Romance, runs through January 4, 2015. Monrovia Public Library can also help you recall Route 66 memories through music and books.
Nat King Cole’s classic version of the Booby Troupe song (Get Your Kicks on) Route 66, is on The Very Best of Nat King Cole in the library’s music CD collection.

Books include Route 66, The Mother Road by Michael Wallis. With great illustrations, including period maps and photos of the gas stations, eateries and motels along the way, this is a book which you'll want to go through twice—once to look at the pictures and a second time to read. 

Tom Teague wrote Searching for 66 after traveling from Chicago to Santa Monica, interviewing people who had worked and lived along the Mother Road.  

Route 66 Main Street USA by Nick Freeth shares the road’s history and anecdotes.

Quinta Scott’s Along Route 66, with its forlorn pictures of the abandoned and down-on-their-luck buildings and businesses that remain long after major inter-state highways bypassed Route 66, captures the spirit of the road and our longing for the romance of a by-gone time.

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