Thursday, June 26, 2014


Sometimes bestselling authors don’t seem to try as hard once they feel sure their fans will always read their books. We can look to our favorite writers and acknowledge that once in a while they write a dud or a book that is formulaic.
One author who has been our radar since his first book was published (Carrie in 1973), but still seems to write really original works and try new genres, is Stephen King. Readers who have not dipped into King lately might say…oh, he is the author who writes supernatural books or… I have not read him for years. King’s books can be found on the shelves of the Monrovia Public Library and now might be a great time to check out his latest novels, which are mysteries.

His newest is Mr. Mercedes, which has received great reviews and is being celebrated as one of the books to read this summer. The perpetrator in this story is not some otherworldly being, but a psycho who plows his car into a line of people, killing several of them before he escapes. A retired cop, depressed that he had never been able to arrest the killer, becomes involved again and finds an unusual place to track this criminal. A page-turning thriller, this book is for mystery lovers who like quick-paced stories. 

Joyland is another edge of your seat mystery, but one that begins as a coming of age story and a romance. A man nostalgically recalls the summer he worked at an amusement park and learned that a woman had been murdered on one of the rides. With its unpredictable and satisfying ending, Joyland is a unique thriller.

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