Thursday, June 19, 2014


There are 33 different works in the Monrovia Public Library by the very original and prolific author Elmore Leonard. You can find him on the Fiction, Large Print, Mystery, Short Stories and Western shelves and in the CD and DVD sections.   
Born in New Orleans, Leonard started writing stories for pulp Western magazines in college. The Tonto Woman and Other Western Stories is a collection of his magazine writing. He then served in the Navy, where he was given the nickname Dutch. Leonard went on to write screenplays, cowboy and Native American stories, crime capers and suspense novels and was awarded the Grand Master Edgar Award by the Mystery Writers of America. He once said that one of his writing rules was to “leave out the parts readers tend to skip.”
One of his best known Western screenplays was 3:10 to Yuma, which was made twice into a movie. Monrovia owns the 2007 version with Russell Crowe.  

His crime capers are engaging and humorous. Get Shorty, Freaky Deaky and Rum Punch just pop with colorful characters (cops and bad guys), complex plots that are easy to follow and language that makes readers smile. The main character in Get Shorty is Chili Palmer, a Florida loan shark who follows a deadbeat to Hollywood. The twists and turns simply light up the pages. Riding the Rap, which inspired the television program Justified, is about a modern day marshal and a kidnapping caper gone wrong. One reviewer called Glitz a cat and mouse tale with claws.

 Once you read an Elmore Leonard book, you will inevitably return to the library for another. 

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