Monday, June 16, 2014


One of contemporary fiction’s rising stars is Liane Moriarty. An Australian who has always loved to read and remembers her father commissioning her to write a novel when she was young, Ms. Moriarty worked in advertising until she could do what she loved best—writing books. Her popularity spread from Down Under to the U.S. and she continually shows up on bestseller lists.  She's a writer who has benefited from recommendations between friends and book groups members who continually sing her praises.  Her titles can be found on the shelves at the Monrovia Public Library.
Moriarty’s newest is The Husband’s Secret, an absolutely captivating, cannot put down even though it is 2 AM, book  It's the story of 3 women, their relationships and  secrets. Celia opens a letter from her husband in an envelope stating that it should be opened only in the event of his death. The letter’s bombshell sets off a series of twists and turns. Tess discovers that her adored husband is having an affair with her best friend and picks up and moves, only to meet an old boyfriend. Another friend, Rachel, believes that the old boyfriend is the person who murdered her daughter and was never caught. 

Moriarty came to our attention with her first book Three Wishes. Immediately labeled chick lit, it is the story of triplet sisters, each with different personalities and issues. This title, along with The Hypnotist’s Love Story about a hypnotherapist who is looking for romance, are definite beach books. Her newer novels show how her writing skills have grown.

What if you lost 10 years of your life? That is what happens in What Alice Forgot. Thinking she is 29-years-old and about to give birth to her first child, Alice is shocked to discover that she is 10 years older, has 3 children and is about to be divorced.  Rediscovering those lost years and finding she is not the person she wants to be gives Alice the chance to reclaim and maybe change her life.

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