Saturday, April 12, 2014


For those readers who enjoy thrillers, Harlan Coben’s novels can be addictive.  Often using the premise of some unsolved mystery or remnant of a memory as a starting point, Coben plots are gripping. He is the winner of the prestigious Edgar Award given to outstanding mystery writers. At the Monrovia Public Library his books come in many formats—print, large print, CD, DVD and in Spanish.  
 Many of his titles stand alone, but he also has a series about a sports agent, Myron Bolitar, who solves mysteries. Drop Shot, Deal Breaker and One False Move are some of those Bolitar titles.  Coban injects humor into these stories and the main character is tenderhearted and has great appeal.  The plots twist and turn and the endings are always a surprise.

One of Coben’s outstanding stand alone mysteries is the fast-paced Tell No One.  Although his wife was murdered eight years before, Dr. David Beck starts receiving emails from someone claiming to be the dead wife and who remarks on personal facts about their relationship.  Could his wife be alive?  And, why are the police pursuing the doctor as the possible perpetrator?  The film of this book, made with the right amount of eerie mystery by a French director, is in the DVD section.
Another great Coben book that keeps you guessing is Six Years. Jake Fisher has never forgotten Natalie, the love of his life who married another man.  When Jake reads the obituary saying the other man has died, Jake realizes that the picture of the surviving wife is not that of Natalie.  Jake’s pursuit of the real Natalie is a roller coaster ride of suspense.  

And, that is just a taste of Harlan Coben novels, as there are many more.

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