Monday, January 27, 2014


Individual readers and book groups are frequently looking for cheerful books.  Although it seems like an easy request, it’s actually quite difficult.  So much of modern fiction is serious and some of it is quite dark.  So it’s a pleasure that two recent books answer the call for some much needed laughs…and some love. 

Helen Fielding, who wrote the Diary of Bridget Jones, about the irrepressible and sometimes un-ironed British single woman, made us smile with an updating of Jane Austen’s exploration of feminine charm.  That character returns in Bridget Jones: Mad about the Boy.  Bridget is now 51-years-old, her beloved Mark Darcy has died, she’s a widow with two children and she’s looking for love again.  But now she is living in the digital age where online dating, twitter accounts and texting have replaced pursuing suitors and meeting face to face.  Even in middle age Bridget is meeting the challenges of life in the most hilarious ways.  If you’re looking for a good giggle, a character you can care about and you enjoy some really well-written modern romance, Bridget Jones: Mad about the Boy is for you.

The Rosie Project is also about looking for love, but with a real twist. This time a man is looking.  Professor Don Tillman is a socially inept geneticist who uses scientific principles to formulate The Wife Project, a many-paged survey that will help him ferret out bad candidates and find the perfect mate.  When he meets Rosie, a smoking and swearing non-conformist, he knows she’s all wrong, but somehow can’t resist her charms.  He definitely learns what readers, particularly romance readers, know-- you can’t judge a book by its cover. Get ready for an entertaining and page-turning novel with some laugh out loud moments.

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