Sunday, November 24, 2013


Some popular writers write one or two books a year.  Some, like suspense author Scott Turow, set a more leisurely pace.  Since 1987 he has written ten.  He studied creative writing, but it was really his law degree and his work as a prosecutor that gave direction to his literary career.

Identical is Turow’s recently published and tenth novel.  With many plot twists and turns, this is the story of a thirty-year-old murder that comes back to life.  When Dita Kronon was murdered, her boyfriend Cass Gianis confessed and was sentenced to prison.  Twenty-five years later, Cass is being paroled, but the Kronon family is filled with revenge and accuses Cass’s twin brother of assisting in the crime.  As the old murder investigation is re-examined, readers will zip through this thriller trying to figure out the ending.

 Turow’s first book, Presumed Innocent, was an immediate bestseller and attracted an audience that continues to keep his work on bestseller lists.   Presumed Innocent is about a prosecutor who is accused of killing his beautiful colleague, whom he once dated.  Multiple surprises will delight suspense readers.  Although Innocent, written many years after his first book, is the sequel to Presumed Innocent, Turow’s books are all set in the fictional location of Kindle County and many have the same characters.

Ordinary Heroes is unique in that it is not like Turow’s typical thrillers.  After his father’s funeral, Stewart Dubinsky is surprised to discover that his father had been a military lawyer during World War II and was court martialed while pursuing the case of a mysterious officer.  The book centers on Dubinsky’s efforts to untangle the story of what happened to his father and bring justice to his memory.

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