Thursday, October 17, 2013

Steps to Success Using LinkedIn

Job seekers and business owners are adding LinkedIn to network in an overall strategy to land jobs or new businesses.  Monrovia Public Library devoted September to three separate workshops on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is one of the largest professional social media networking sites.  Here are two great tips from the first workshop:

  • Complete your profile before adding new Contacts/Connections. 
  • Shorten your LinkedIn custom URL (assigned membership ID) to NAME.  Add the new URL link to your resume, business card, etc. to maximize your online presence and quickly retrieve your LinkedIn profile.  

The second LinkedIn workshop addressed successful connections.  Do you know that in your network, there are three degrees of connections?

  • 1st degree connections involve those directly connected to you.
  • 2nd degree connections are connected to your first degree you can reach out to.
  • 3rd degree connections may require more effort to connect.

Reaching out to all three degrees of connections will ultimately help you reach your goal, whether for a new job or more business.  The presenter, Wendy Flood of Sochai Consulting Inc., reminded everyone an advantage to having a LinkedIn account is its search features – finding companies, groups, jobs, and people.

Lastly, the third LinkedIn workshop focused on developing your competitive edge.  That included personal branding and the appropriate use of social media as tools to sell you or your business.  Attendees were introduced to the concept of imagining themselves as a brand.  A new perspective is gained as a result of the value they could bring to a new organization or business in the interactive group segment of the workshop.  

Please stay tuned for future workshops.

Monrovia Public Library continues to provide job and career related information and resources!

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