Thursday, September 26, 2013

Teen Book Named Time Magazine’s Best Fiction Book

Teen author John Green seems to be everywhere.  When not picking up writing awards or being listed on bestseller lists, he's a vlogger (a video blogger) and educator on You Tube. His books, beloved by teens who read them over and over, have become crossover books, ones that hold appeal for both young people and adults.
Perhaps it is his interesting background that makes his writing so compelling and so genuine.  After graduating from college, he served as a student chaplain in a children’s hospital and planned to become a minister. He also reviewed books for the New York Times and wrote for National Public Radio.

Green’s first novel is Looking for Alaska, which may have been inspired by the time he spent in boarding school. It is the story of a group of friends at a school in Alabama. The author’s talent for storytelling and for writing dialogue and narration in such a natural way, make this teen novel of love and loss a real winner. 

Published last year, The Fault in Our Stars captures the way teens act and talk and tells a melancholy story that is gently sweet and humorous. Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters are not your typical teens. These eccentrics meet in a cancer support group and bond over their own sad stories and life’s treats—books, conversation and romance. Although we know that happy endings do not always come to those with serious illnesses, this is not a sad book.

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