Monday, August 19, 2013

What Do Astronauts' Wives and Comedians Have in Common? Biographies of Course.

What new biographies and autobiographies are on the New Book Shelves at the Monrovia Public Library this summer?  One of the great joys for biography readers is browsing these shelves and finding terrific and unusual stories of peoples’ lives. 
Here are two new biographies sure to please.

When the Mercury 7 astronauts were chosen in 1959 to be launched into space they were on the cover of every magazine and on the lips of everyone at the water cooler.  But what about their wives, the women they left on earth and the women the world soon forgot?  The Astronaut Wives Club: A True Story is a wonderful cultural behind-the-scenes history, telling how the wives were perceived, how they dressed and what they cooked.  It is also a touching book of home lives and personal issues in an age when women did not have the power or presence they do today.

Much loved comedian Carol Burnett tells the tragic, but triumphant story of her daughter in Carrie and Me: A Mother Daughter Love Story.  Although Carrie Hamilton lived the charmed life as the child of a television star, she becomes immersed in drug addiction, which she beats only to soon die of cancer.  Burnett, who has written other memoirs, writes a book that avoids many clichés and touches the reader with heartfelt moments.

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