Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Direct Resumes To Job Interviews

Once you hit “Submit” on an online application where does your resume go?  Have you wondered why the process takes so long?  Is there a quicker way of getting a response?  The Applicant Tracking System, or often referred as talent management software, is a software application most major corporations use to handle job applications and to manage resume data programmed to sort, categorize, and analyze resumes before selecting which ones to forward back to a recruiter.  Understanding the process of how the ATS conducts your file can help better the odds that a live person will see your resume at the end of the line.  

 According to The Ladders, it is important to mirror your career summary that reflects qualifications, skills, and experience to those of job requisition before your resume enters the ATS process.  Do you know some candidates choose not to include a specific street home address on their resumes, but rather to a greater area location to elude the ATS process to overcome a filter if a candidate lives within a radius of the job work site in some ATS?  Read more about the flow chart and what happens during each stage with helpful tips which can lead to a successful job interview here:

Understanding what happens to your resume when it enters the ATS process and the proper steps to ensure it meets necessary requirements may help you reach your goal.  Networking is also valuable in your job search.  Monrovia Public Library is showcasing September to expand your understanding of what professional networking is all about through LinkedIn.  The first Brown Bag Series Workshop LinkedIn Basics  is on Wednesday, September 4 from 11:30 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Library Community Room.  

Registration is encouraged for this FREE event.  Stop by the Adult Reference Desk, call 626-256-8274, or visit  LinkedIn Basics Sign Up

Join us!

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