Saturday, July 27, 2013

Are Job Boards Helpful To Land Jobs?

There you are in front of the computer screen typing away to search and apply for job openings and waiting for a response.  How's it going for you?  Are you finding that you are making the most of your time on your job search?

You can always start fresh by evaluating how much of your time is devoted to job search with a form you can download and write out to help you see where your time is actually spent found here:
Week's Schedule 

By actually writing down and examining where your time is spent, it may be a wake up call to add or change your daily schedule to help manage your time better.

Next.  Let's see where you are finding job openings to apply.  Are you solely relying on job boards?  According to a study by Millenial Branding, Gen Y consulting firm, and, a career resources site, 87 percent of baby boomers chose job boards as their first resource.

Unfortunately, job boards just don't deliver as much as it is thought according to CareerXroads, a recruiting site, as 12 percent of all hires can be attributed to job boards.

Job boards aggregators such as and may be better options than a well-known giant site such as  According to an executive coaching and career managing consulting firm in New York City, Paul Bernard suggests using a niche job board, which specializes in particular job functions and industries.  Listed below are few of the ones Bernard recommend:

The rest of the recommended niche job boards can be found here: 
Paul Bernard Recommends 

Lastly, Bernard suggests having 10-20-70 Approach for Job Hunting:
  • 10 percent spent on looking for a job responding to online/job boards
  • 20 percent interacting with recruiters
  • 70 percent to in-person, phone and online networking
And when it comes to networking, do you know that Monrovia Public Library will be offering LinkedIn extravaganza in September to help you create a professional profile, make connections and develop your competitive edge.
Please mark your calendars ahead for the upcoming events.  

Monrovia Public Library continues to provide job and career related information and resources!

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