Saturday, June 29, 2013

We Love Books With Happy Endings

Poor Helen.  After quitting college to marry a rich man from a well-connected Pasadena family, finding the perfect home in the Arroyo and getting her son enrolled in the best private school, she discovers that her husband is a philanderer.  Not only that, when he is killed by a runaway Rose Parade float, she discovers that she is penniless.  With the rug pulled out from under her, Helen needs to start over—and she does with great gusto in the laugh-out-loud novel Helen of Pasadena.  Not only does Helen rise again, but she finds romance with the perfect man—a professor from the Huntington Library. 

Author Lian Dolan delivers this wonderful romantic comedy wrapped up in a bow for readers looking for a great summer book by a local author.  Ms. Dolan and her sisters worked together on a radio program called The Satellite Sisters before she moved to Pasadena and started writing.

Double your pleasure after reading Helen of Pasadena.  The Monrovia Library also owns Dolan’s second novel Elizabeth the First Wife.  Elizabeth is satisfied with her life.  She teaches Shakespeare at Pasadena City College, isn’t jealous of her accomplished family and is okay being divorced from an actor husband.  Everything is thrown up in the air when she takes a summer job working at Oregon’s Shakespeare Festival.  Like Helen, Elizabeth is a smart and warm woman and the books about them have just the right touch of romance.

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