Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Raymond Chandler (1888 - 1959)
Did you know that mystery writer Raymond Chandler once lived in Monrovia? Famous not only for his atmospheric and gritty “hardboiled detective” novels set in Southern California, Chandler was also famous for moving to 35 different homes.  At the drop of a hat Chandler and his wife Cissy would pack their suitcases and their cat Taki and drive off to a new home.  From Los Angeles’ Wilshire district to Hollywood to Brentwood to Palm Springs and La Jolla, they lived in 35 different places.  In Monrovia their address was 818 West Duarte Road.  Just thinking about the house, now long gone and replaced by a big apartment, gets us in the mood to read some of Chandler’s novels.  The following are all at the Monrovia Library—all in the Mystery section.

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