Wednesday, February 20, 2013

News of the Wild Orphans

It appears that personalities are asserting themselves the longer our elephant orphans remain in the Sheldrick preserve. Little Lemoyian is the crybaby of the bunch. He was knocked over by a feisty fellow orphan and had to be rescued by the Aunties - older females who act as nursemaids and role models for young rescuees. Every picture of him is a study in cuteness, so one can see why he's so coddled.

Fortunately, Lemoyian has just passed through the most dangerous phase of teething successfully, so as soon as he's through being the pampered, adorable baby, he has a good chance of growing into a pampered, adorable bigger elephant.

Faraja has been nicknamed Mzungu, which means white man. This is because his coloring is so pale compared to the other elephants at the preserve. He is also considered to be a very gentle and loving youngster who has a best bud named Kwale. Apparently family squabbles occur among elephant groups too, and with one female trying become Matriarch while another jealous female took exception, Faraja and friends had to be rescued by yet another auntie who took the opportunity to round them up and head them back to a secure area. Faraja enjoys his time with the public who have viewing opportunities daily, and appears to be gaining some weight with good milk and good browsing in the bush.

Barsalinga has graduated to Junior status and enjoys more free roaming time in the bush. Upgraded status doesn't prevent him from being bullied a bit by other, stronger juniors who like to exercise with a game called head pushing, which knocked Barsalinga and his buddy Ngasha down during the public viewing hour.

Alas, we have no updated photos of Barsalinga at this time.

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