Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Elephant Babies

We posted before about one of our intrepid Library Board members deciding to do a wonderful thing and then share it with the library. So far she has fostered three orphaned elephants and is in the process of adding a fourth. Three of the elephants are on behalf of the library.

The two we've already fostered are in the center of the picture. They are Barsalinga and Leymoian.

Let's start with Lemoyian. Roughly 3 months old when he was brought to the preserve, he had fallen down a well. His distraught mother tried to get him out over the course of several hours but was forced to flee at the approach of a herd of cattle and humans. A Masai who happened by stayed with the calf until help arrived. If he hadn't been by the well to stave off young boys who heard the commotion, the baby would have been used for spear practice. The search for his mother was in vain. Just look at him now.

To learn more of his story and see pictures of the rescue and aftermath, go to sheldrickwildlifetrust

Barsalinga had an even harder time. He was a mere 2 weeks old when he was found near his mother who was so wounded from poacher's guns that she could barely move. The mother had to be euthanized as she could not be saved. Her baby was thankfully saved and brought to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust where he is slowly recovering.

To view the complete story and see his dramatic rescue and many more pictures, go to sheldrickwildlifetrust

Once the new kid arrives, we'll add to our reports. In the meantime, look forward to more stories as they thrive and grow.

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