Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Speaking of Success

All too often these days, with the economy still stuttering and life disruptions happening with job loss, it's nice to hear the flip side. We've seen some success stories and the Library is a key player in them. One gentleman came in every day, in full suit and tie, to job hunt on our public access computers. His diligence paid off and when he was suddenly called for an interview, he was ready to go. And yes, he got the job.

But it gets better. Jeff Lambert, the Library's business expert, gives and hosts an all-day workshop that covers everything from dealing with the EDD for unemployment benefits to giving a good interview. For those who attend, it can turn a life around. Here are some of the results:

Case 1: Two women quit their jobs because of sexual harassment. They thought they couldn't file for unemployment because they quit instead of being laid off or fired. Jeff urged them to try because the hard and fast rule of receiving unemployment benefits is losing your job through no fault of your own. They applied and will be collecting checks soon.

Case 2:  One gentleman spoke to Jeff about being given, in his words, the royal runaround, by EDD. Jeff connected him to LA Works, one of the presenting agencies, and they helped him through the process. He was grateful to both Jeff's program and library partner LA Works.

Case 3:  A young man attended the Ace the Interview and Dress for Success segment of Jeff's all-day workshop and dropped by later to tell him he had a very successful interview, resulting in a call-back for a second interview. He said he practiced the tips provided in the workshop which increased his confidence.

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