Saturday, June 9, 2012

Enduring Spirit

Today a former computer student dropped by with a very special gift. Not surprisingly, it was a book donation. We're a library, we take book donations all the time. This particular book was very different, very special. For a start, she wrote it herself. OK, you muse, what's so special about that? She has polio. Confined to a wheelchair - totally paralyzed from the neck down. In order to write her book, she has to blow into a special gizmo attached to her laptop so she can type. She also mentioned she wouldn't have been able to finish the project if she hadn't taken our computer classes.

Her slim volume is inspirational, uplifting and at times just heartbreaking. It is currently being cataloged and processed for the collection and I urge everyone to consider reading it. Polio is almost eradicated. There are many doctors who have never seen a polio patient. Bonnie's story is therefore that much more instructive and eye-opening.

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