Monday, December 5, 2011

Even fierce winds can't keep a good library down

For those of us who lived through the howling winds, watched huge trees topple onto houses, cars and streets, and generally hoped we would all be safe in the morning, the still clear air today is a welcome relief. Monrovia rose to the occasion with a well-orchestrated emergency plan which included librarians fielding calls from concerned citizens and acting as liaisons with other emergency personnel.

The library not surprisingly lost power on Thursday and had to close down for the rest of the week. Happily, we were up to business as usual on Monday morning.

Sadly, three Library Park trees lost the battle with gusts that reached 97 mph. The recently decorated Christmas Tree at the corner of Palm and Myrtle toppled completely. Fortunately, the venerable Moreton Bay Fig was untouched and still stands proudly watching over the Park.

Though some still lack power, and everyone has their own story to tell, life is getting back to normal rapidly, though the clean-up of the aftermath will continue for some time.

From all of us at the Library to all of you out there, keep it safe and sane.

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