Saturday, November 12, 2011

Computer Club Anyone?

Computer literacy is one of the core services offered by Monrovia Library and we're ready to expand our definition of that. Up to just recently, we've offered computer classes for beginners, which has been rewarding in many ways. The time has come to open up to a wider audience of experts - you - who might want to share ideas, tips, and tricks for using technology in today's fast-paced, gadget-loaded world.

If you think this is a good idea, have some notions of your own to share, please add comments here. If you were starting a club, what would you like to happen?


Heather Shaw said...

My husband is a software engineer that works in cloud computing. He may be a great volunteer for you. Hope the club helps with computer literacy, things are changing fast these days.

Adult Services said...

We're always looking for good volunteers. In this case, he may want to join the club first and see how it goes. Stay tuned to the blog and the library website for a first meeting date. Thanks for your support!

Sena Kwon said...

Oh! This is a very good idea you will launch the new style of computer class(club)!

We could exchange ideas here or learn something new from the club.