Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lions and tigers and blue bears, oh my!

Well, we have a bear at least. To celebrate Monrovia's 125th birthday, the City honored Samson the Hot Tub Bear. If you happen to see a colorfully decorated bear outside a business or in an unexpected public place, don't be surprised.

By far the best bear is titled Bearlovian Paradise, the creation of Lynne Fearman, the artist charged with task of transforming a plain Samson into a true work of art at the request of Friends of the Monrovia Public Library. Ms. Fearman chose to include a jungle of plants and animals. Since the bear is displayed in the Library's Youth Services area in the round, all the creatures, great and small, are easily found.

Come enjoy this blue bear wonder yourself.

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Sena Kwon said...

It's so beautiful! Children might be excited to see this art work! They will definitely enjoy finding many different kinds of animals painted in the bear.