Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Everybody Needs Friends

Friends are great to have. They help you during bad times and share the good times. Having strong, dedicated friends is a joy indeed.

Libraries are no exception. Many community members believe their tax dollars fully support their local libraries. The truth is that roughly 3¢ - 7¢ of every community tax dollar goes to the library. That doesn't go very far. In order to loan free books and ensure computer access, to create special collections and provide incredible programming for everyone from infants to Seniors, it takes money. Libraries depend upon grants, State funding sources, bequests and donations to maintain the level of service most communities have come to expect.

This is where Friends of the Monrovia Public Library have stepped up in a big way. An active Board and super-active volunteer force staff the Friends Store, selling donated books, bags, postcards and other memorabilia. Twice a year, they have a huge book sale with their famous 2-bucks-per-bag sale in the last couple of hours for super bargains. They have even gone online to generate income. They act as goodwill ambassadors. Without our good Friends, the library couldn't offer many of our programs, the microfilm scanner station would still be on the wish list, and our book budget would be a shadow of its former self.

A heartfelt thank you to our special Friends of the Monrovia Public Library during Friends of the Library week.

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