Thursday, May 19, 2011

Staff Pet - I'm ready for My Close-up

OK, I'm Ralph (or some foreign-sounding name I can never figure out) and I thought I was ready for my close-up but you caught me with my eyes closed. Can I have a do-over? No?

I’m seven years old but I look young and handsome because I get that lot, so I think I am. I LOVE food and enjoy a long nap every day. Alright, may two or more long naps every day. And I love a good tennis ball chase. I can chase the ball all day long! Well, except for my nap times. Squirrels? Of course squirrel chasing is good too!

1 comment:

Sena Kwon said...

I heard the secrets to staying young is to take a nap everyday. Eventhough Ralph is 8 years old, I'm sure Ralph is the most handsome dog I've ever seen before.