Thursday, April 7, 2011

Looking & Patience

For most beginners, a panic response often sets in when they are trying to do something and it isn't immediately apparent. Usually the problem is simply a matter of taking a deep breath and a close look at the screen. Sometimes there is so much visual noise on a web page it's hard to locate the button or link you are searching for. Just slow down, start in one corner, and slowly scan the screen. Though it may not jump out at you, what you are looking for is usually there. Take the Log Off link for example. It seems email companies no longer want you to sign out of accounts. They often make the sign out/log off link so small, or in an odd place, it takes a bit of searching to find it. But it IS there if you look hard enough. Patience is a virtue. We've all heard that saying, yet we seem to ignore it when it comes to computers. Have the patience with yourself - after all, you didn't learn to walk in one day. Why should you think you'll learn how to use a computer well in one day? Don't be afraid to press buttons just to see what happens. And don't forget to LOOK, truly look at the monitor.

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Sena said...

This is a good advice for the computer beginners. I can see some beginers who are really afraid of clicking something. I just want to say to them that play with computer as much time as you can and do not be afraid of trying something new.